News from the press-Mike Meraz is visiting again

In October of 2011, we published a Chapbook of Mike Meraz’s poetry called “Writhing and Alive“. His words resonated with many people across the globe, so we invited Mike back to put together another Chapbook of his words. Having lived in New Orleans, many of these pieces were written while living and breathing that timeless air.

In a few short weeks, “The Art of Work” will roll off our presses and we could not be more excited. Here is a sample of Mike’s new work:

The World Needs New Orleans

in New Orleans
if you look anywhere
you will see the words
“be nice or leave.”

or in front of the bars
the sign does not read
“Happy Hour”
but “Lost dog. See bartender inside.”

this is what people love
about New Orleans:

it is the girl next door you never married.
it is the eternal perch for you to rest on.

you won’t get rich here
but the world does not need
another money-maker.

So stay tuned and be ready for another book of words you will want to share with others and stash a few copies away for yourself.

Editor/Wordslinger for tittsp